Ati radeon hd 4800

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Ati radeon 48series – Carte graphique1 réponsejanv. La carte graphique je possède est une Ati Radeon HD 48Séries. Ati a publié en fin de semaine dernière la version 8. Catalyst pour cartes Radeon 900 Radeon X1K, Radeon HD 20et .

Aller à Radeon HD 48- La Radeon HD 48è stata annunciata il giugno 200 mentre la Radeon HD 48è stata annunciata il giugno 2008. Memory Type is GDDR Memory Size is 10MB. ATI Radeon HD 48Series, GPU is RV77 Bus interface is PCI-E 2. Avec sa série Radeon HD 480 ATI renoue avec le haut du tableau en termes de performances. De quoi donner du fil à retordre à NVIDIA qui . ADTwW Hello and welcome to my Download ATI.

I use it for all the usual stuff, plus . AMD claims the Radeon HD 48series is twice as fast as the HD 38series. The two cards introduced today include the HD 48and HD .

Hello, Up until recently I have had no problems with my PC, which is about years old . Drivers are up to date, and my card is stronger than the one requiered. This installation through Windows Update continuously fails. Yesterday or the day before I have had difficulties with dual monitor set up. GPU yet, because I want to get a new nvidia or AMD car . Since I know fuck all about graphic . Currently I have ati radeon hd 48series graphic card.

I had once found the right driver but that got lost since the last computer reset. XFX HD-489A-ZDDC Radeon HD 48XXX Edition 1GB 256-bit GDDRPCI Express 2. Will I be able to run Bfwith my Ati . Please tell me what I should doing with this .