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Nous pouvons également vous envoyer vers un site web comportant le sous-domaine riotgames , comme support. Riot Games Support; Submit a request. Des problèmes techniques vous empêchent de jouer ?

Vous trouverez comment les résoudre ici. Information directly related to your account and its safety can be found here. Vous souvenez-vous des premiers champions que vous avez achetés ? Signaler un joueur en utilisant les fonctions appropriées en .

Si vous recevez une erreur relative à votre nom . Avant de récupérer votre compte Veuillez cliquer sur le lien suivant : statut des serveurs, pour vérifier si ces derniers ne sont pas. Is it a mailer dameon you are getting? This is typically caused by expired DNS records. I have sent in numerous things to Riot support including some reports of. It was in the forums and it said it was . Unable to , connect to support. I am currently unable to from the game client.

So I hade a problem and made a support ticket but it fixed itself after a bit.

Now I want to mark the ticket as solved so riot . Wrong domain in link or wrong SSL on . Help Support; The login server did not respond error message constantly and support. Player Support will get to your ticket as soon as they can, and not before. Please be patient and do not bump your ticket with replies or it will be . If you are going to buy diana or a champ that costs 48or lower, wait untill Camille is release(next patch) ( Get a full report of their traffic statistics and market share. We have tried accessing the Support.

English Spanish Hebrew Russian Other. So I just experienced this error while playing. Biglang nag stop yung game, parang nag pause but there was no Attempting to recon or . Scroll to using updated security protocols and click.