About config

Supprimer ou modifier une ligne créee dans about. Il faut taper about:config à la place et . Affiche une interface qui permet de voir .

Configuration Mania gives about:config a human face. In module icagenda the image of the event is not viewable anymore. Only text with linking to the event. Most of the settings found in the about:config window are not something you can, or should simply go in and change without prior knowledge of .

Utilise gconf-editor pour retoucher les . Sept-2015: This page now indicates whether an about:config edit is compatible with Pale Moon. Provides access to about:config with a toolbar button and options in the AppMenu and the Tools menu . Firefox updates can sometimes restore . About:config entries の内容を私の独断と偏見で編集したものです。項目数が非常に多いため、いつ完成するかわかり . Manipulations avancées : le about:config. The about:config values are accessed via the preferences system. Hi I have a addon that change just one setting in about:config.

I read about Nov 20and I must migrate to WebExtension,But I read some . Implement web page to configure advanced IE options. You can be original name it about:settings – I would like to have . Pour procéder à toutes les modifications de paramètres qui seront présentées, il faudra ouvrir un onglet, et saisir about:config dans la barre . Open about:config to change hidden settings that cannot be edited from the Options window. All Mozilla based programs have settings that can not . Customize it, improve performance, change settings, . It is so far the most effective, and the most powerful way to . It explains how the Mozilla about:config URL opens up a world of obscure preferences that can be used to tweak the default setup. As outras configurações podem ser modificadas por outros . Au fil du temps, je me suis habitué à un certain nombre de préférences, dont certaines doivent être configurées depuis la page about:config.

The simplest way to edit hidden preferences is to type about:config in the browser location bar, and press Enter (or click on GO). If you prefer a graphical interface over mucking around inside about:config then this addon may be right for you.