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ChocapicExtreme (135fois) ChocapicUltra (75fois) Chocapic13 . Auteur : Chocapic13; Version de Minecraft : 1. Ce mod Minecraft a été créé par chocapicSite officiel.

I made a video of your shader, it would be cool if you added it to the post 🙂 . GLSL Shaders Mod started by daxnitro and continued by karyonix. This shaderpack adds shadows, dynamic lighting, and waving grass, leaves and . Mods pour Minecraft – Shader chocapic VUltra téléchargement gratuit.

Quand je met le shader V4-Extreme V4-Ultra V4-High V4-Medium De chocapic, le shader est comme bugué des milliers de carré blanc . Overview Updates Changelog Discuss 0. I want to remove the realistic clouds that the shader adds and leave the default ones. Le SEUS standard est pas mal, il y a aussi le SEUS lite pour les petit PC. Dans ce topic , je vais vous montré comment mettre des shaders pour en. Triliton`s shaders (Chocapic13`s Shaders edit) . Downloads: Here you may download my.

As its name suggests, its main function is to add dynamic . See screenshots and see it all for yourself.

Chocapic VUltra-beautiful shader for the weak computers. Shaders in a Minecraft mod that you can install and it will basically make. CHOCAPIC (sa me donne faims XD ) Bref je . I took of the most popular shaders – Sildurs, SEUS, Mr Meepz, Continuum and Chocapic, and put them head to head.

The mod is not a stand-alone shader pack mo but more . Best shader for high performance machines and cinematics, high quality rendering techniques make. Wenn jemand einen besseren Shader kennt, bin ich offen. Are you tired of the usual surrounding world?

Building blocks, items, mobs, it all looks old and ugly. You are permitted to: -Edit the shaders and share . One major problem that you will notice in minecraft game is that even if . More and more players every day use the . Album with topic of No Topic, tagged with and ; uploaded by Police4896.